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At the heart of our mission here at Intermove is integrity and customer service. Our drive to create the best moving experience for our clients worldwide means that we partner with only the best steamship lines, airlines, trucking companies, and destination agents to ensure that your belongings arrive safely where they're supposed to. 

Our founder, Ken, created Intermove in 1977 after working in the moving industry for several decades. Although it's a well-worn claim, personal service truly is the key to Intermove's success and was at the forefront of Ken's dream for the company. 

International Specialist Anita Figgs has been with Intermove for over twenty years with over forty years of experience in the industry and still holds Ken's values at the very core of Intermove. Over the years, she and her team have created a network of trusted agents throughout the world, enabling Intermove to provide the highest quality door-to-door service for its clients. Whether the move is from New York to Shanghai or Paris to Berlin, the team makes sure everything goes smoothly and, most importantly with international work, all the paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time. 

With customer service at the core of Ken's mission and our goals here at Intermove, it's you, our clients, who keep us alive. We vow to provide only the best service, wherever you are in the world.

Our Moving Process








Settling In

Ice Truck

Our Quality Guarantee

Here at Intermove, we guarantee an organized, quality service for you to ship your belongings nearly anywhere in the world. We provide personalized updates and details about your shipment and are proud to keep you informed about every step of your shipment's voyage.

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